Perspectives in Nano Information Processing an international conference and workshop

The conference and workshop (Møller Center Cambridge, UK, December 14-16 2015) is jointly organized by the FP7 FET EC projects MULTI (multivalued and parallel computing at the molecular scale) and TOLOP (low power information processing in solid state devices). Several topics related to CMOS technology as well as the implementation of complex logic operations in molecular media will be covered :
– emerging steep switch devices & CMOS technologies
– issues related to the energy-dissipation of CMOS devices and circuits

Second ICT-Energy International Doctoral Symposium

The "Second ICT-Energy International Doctoral Symposium" has taken place in Bristol, UK, on Sept. 16, 2015.

The symposium represented a great opportunity for PhD students and postdocs to show and presents their research activity to the industry and to the academic world. It followed the "Workshop on the Future Energy in ICT Research Agenda" and the "ICT-Energy training day".

Schedule of the Symposium: