ICT-Energy Clustering/Networking Workshop


The second Workshop of the ICT-Energy Community is going to be held in Bristol (UK) on 14-16 September 2015.

The event, organized by University of Bristol, in cooperation with the ICT-Energy project partners, will last 3 days, according to the following agenda:


ICT-Energy Clustering/Networking Workshop - Agenda

Mon 14 Sep - 10:00-18:00 - Training Day

Tue 15 Sep -  8:30-17:00 - Academia/Industry Workshop

Wed 16 Sep - 9:00-15:00 - 2nd Doctoral Symposium

The Academia/Industry Workshop is aimed at bringing together representatives from academia and industry with the declared purpose to become a reference point for FET funded research in this field. The vision of the ICT-Energy Action is to direct research towards sustainable energy solutions for ICT devices and systems: this means that not only the consumption of energy by ICT must be reduced, but also the use of renewable energy systems to power ICT devices must be increased. Addressing the challenge of energy consumption in ICT is bringing together stakeholders from diverse technological background and scientific disciplines. The workshop will welcome the participation from European academia and industry, together with a significant contribution from outside Europe.

The Training Day will focus on coherent simple presentations of major issues and research topics in the various layers of ICT-Energy. Presenting themes from hardware to software and from nano- to macro-scale, the lecturers will aim to bridge knowledge gaps, share a common understanding and strengthen the links between the workshop participants.

For more information on the Training Day and registration please visit


The Doctoral Symposium will offer the opportunity for PhD students to present their thesis work to a broad audience in the ICT community from both industry and academia. The forum may also help students to establish contacts for entering into research related to minimization of energy from various layers.

The final programme for the 2nd ICT-Energy Doctoral Symposium is available here.

The invitation is open and you can get yourself registered at the link below