Navigating the PET Triangle: An industrial perspective on Power-Energy-Time tradeoffs in IoT devices and beyond

Authors: Z. Chamski, P. Musial


Creating successful autonomous devices requires a close attention to their energy and power requirements -as well as constraints.  In most cases the product development process requires to trade energy usage against power usage, effectively introducing time into the equation.  The simultaneous presence of these three tightly related non-functional criteria (power, energy and time - or PET) poses a major challenge to classical system design and implementation strategies and calls for a systematic approach to navigate the power-energy-time space.  We will present a first-hand industrial experience of the difficulties faced, the approaches and methods we evaluated, and outline prospective directions for making the power-energy-time optimization process more methodical and effective.  A special attention will be devoted to the representation, acquisition and transformation of PET information.