Micro-Energy Day

micro energies
What’s that?
With the term "microenergies" we intend all those "small" energies that are often disregarded as unimportant due to their apparently negligible weight but instead play a significant role in our daily life.
As an example… when you run out of battery in your mobile phone and really need to make that call !!! The amount of energy involved in this case is really very small compared to the energy that makes your car going but its absence appears to be very important to you…
Who thought of it?
NiPS Laboratory was the first that promoted the first Micro-Energy Day from 2010 and continues to disseminate a new conceptual approach to renewable energies in the field of microenergies. The next micro-energy day 2014 will take place on the 26th of June 2014 in Perugia Pian di Massiano, in the framework of the 2014 European Sustainable Energy Week. We strongly encourage single individuals to partecipate. We'll organize a run when an aplication Wisepower app in your iphone will tell haw much energy you have gathered. 

"micro-energy day" yesterday, now and then 

In 2010 NiPSLAB has organized a Science Cafè in Perugia's center where young researches discussed with pubblic their work on microenergies and future perspectives.
The Brownian motions of molecules of cafè were an example of these processes together with all the imperceptible and chaotic vibrations of the bodies all around us. All this movement can became a source of energy for micro sensors or nano robot, devices that in the future could be used to monitor the environment parameters or to diagnose human health conditions.
How to use the middle world energy? What economical and social impact should we expect from these new kinds of sustainable energy? This was the start of the idea where a science topic becomes the object of a friendly conversation among non-experts but interested people, microenergyday2010.
In the 2011  NiPSLAB celebrates the 2011 Micro-Energy Day in Perugia with a Battery-Free Party. This was a party where people were invited to brought any eletronics object that works without batteries. This collection of eletronics objects has been used to present the research on microenergies as a tool to avoid the use of batteries for micro and nano eletronic device, microenergyday2011.
In the 2012 NiPSLAB Perugia, Barcelona, Wuerzburg and Delft celebrate the third Micro-Energy day talking freely to people, microenergyday2012
In the 2013 NiPSLAB has celebrated the fourth Micro-Energy Day as part of the activities in the ZEROPOWER Coordination Action organizing a Science Cafè in Perugia, where young researchers discussed with public their work on microenergies and future perspectives. Prof. Luca Gammaitoni moderated the talk, microenergyday2013