Noise in Physical System (NiPS) Laboratory

The Noise in Physical System (NiPS) Laboratory at the Physics Department of the University of Perugia (Italy) is composed by 11 members and is led by Prof. L. Gammaitoni. The laboratory has a long-standing tradition in studying physical systems in the presence of noise. Scientific interest cover different fields that have as a common denominator the role of fluctuations. Among these fields we list: energy dissipation, random energy harvesting, stochastic nonlinear dynamics modeling, thermal noise measurements, high sensitivity displacement measurements, design and test of noise activated sensing and computing devices at the micro and nano scales. NiPS is presently coordinating EC FPVII projects LANDAUER ( and ICT-ENERGY ( NiPS has achieved widespread experience in the organization of dissemination activities such as (, outreach events (for more info see and training sessions (for more info see  

Research activities of NiPS Laboratory:


Landauer "Operating ICT basic switches below the Landauer Limit" (GA n. 3182887) www.


  • to test the fundamental limits in energy dissipation during the operation of physical switches
  • to address the fundamental limit arising from the decrease of information in the computation procedure (Landauer limit)
  • to introduce new conceptual devices that, through novel computing paradigms with radically improved efficiency, are capable of trading the minimum amount of energy dissipated with the computational precision​


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 Dissemination activities and outreach events:



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