Reconfigurable Boolean Logic Using Magnetic Single-Electron Transistors

TitleReconfigurable Boolean Logic Using Magnetic Single-Electron Transistors
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsM. Gonzalez-Zalba F, Ciccarelli C, Zarbo LP, Irvine AC, Campion RC, Gallagher BL, Jungwirth T, Ferguson AJ, Wunderlich J
JournalPLoS ONE
Date Published04

We propose a novel hybrid single-electron device for reprogrammable low-power logic operations, the magnetic single-electron transistor (MSET). The device consists of an aluminium single-electron transistor with a GaMnAs magnetic back-gate. Changing between different logic gate functions is realized by reorienting the magnetic moments of the magnetic layer, which induces a voltage shift on the Coulomb blockade oscillations of the MSET. We show that we can arbitrarily reprogram the function of the device from an n-type SET for in-plane magnetization of the GaMnAs layer to p-type SET for out-of-plane magnetization orientation. Moreover, we demonstrate a set of reprogrammable Boolean gates and its logical complement at the single device level. Finally, we propose two sets of reconfigurable binary gates using combinations of two MSETs in a pull-down network.