UGLA Group

 The Semiconductor Device Group undertakes research in nanofabrication, silicon germanium (SiGe), nanoelectronic silicon devices, silicon photonics, MEMS, quantum devices, resonant tunnelling diodes, inorganic molecular electronics, thermoelectrics and autonomous sensors. The group is part of the Electronics and Nanoscale Engineering Division in the School of Engineering. The group is led by Douglas Paul and was formed in 2007 when Prof Paul moved from the Cavendish Laboratory in the University of Cambridge to take up a chair at the University of Glasgow. The group heavily uses the James Watt Nanofabriaction Centre at Glasgow and in the ICT energy area co-ordinated the GREEN Si project on microfabricated thermoelectric energy harvesters and has a large number of EPSRC funded and industrial contracts working on autonomous sensors. 

Research activities:


GREEN Si “Generate Renewable Energy Efficiency using Nanofabricated Silicon” (GA n. 257750)
Objectives: •To produce microfabricated Si/SiGe thermoelectric generators which use low dimensional structures to enhance the performance

Training activities: Thermoelectrics tutorials at PowerMEMS 2013 School, November 2013  

Review: Discussions on reducing Energy consumption, Brussels, March 2014                        

For more information please contact Prof Douglas J. Paul
School of Engineering,
University of Glasgow,
Rankine Building,
Oakfield Avenue,
Glasgow, G12 8LT U.K.